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The Ennismore Vision

Ennismore is an oasis of beauty, peace, hospitality and welcome.  Our centre and our programmes seek to develop and nurture a sense of the Sacred, and the contemplative dimension to Christian Spirituality.


Friday 01st September – Sunday 03rd September
“Cry of the Earth”… Creation, Evolution and Faith
John Feehan
Cost:  Res:  €175 – Non Res:  €100

Saturday 30th September
Day of Reflection:  Input and meditation based on Julian of Norwich
Fr. Donagh O’ Shea
Cost:  €60

Oct. 8th  (3p.m. – 6p.m.)
Journey to Transformation:
Wellbeing, Mental Health and Mindful Living…
Pat Sheehan
€25 (includes afternoon tea)

Not to be Missed
“Cry of the Earth”
Friday 01st. September to Sunday 3rd. September.

Cost – Res: €175  Non Res: €100

Dr. John Feehan is a scientist working in the fields of geology and botany. . While still a student he discovered the petrified remains of the earliest land plant in the world, dating back to 425 million years ago. Since then he has published authoritative studies on the bogs of Ireland, farming in Ireland, grasses in Ireland, the geology of Laois and Offaly and a multitude of other texts. His interest on the relationship of science and religion is found in his 2010 book, The Singing Heart of the World

For John Feehan, the cutting edge of rigorous scientific analysis opens up a world of wonder, enchantment and religious experience. In a lecture published in 2015, he spoke of a presence “encoded in the reality of the world”. “The human spirit, undistracted, attentive in the midst of all these  other creatures …is aware of a presence” which “is not to be named, is beyond name.”

His deep faith combined with a love of the landscape underpin his commitment to environmental issues.




Friday 13th October
“Getting the past out of the present” – dealing with difficult emotions.
Fr. Jim Cogley
Cost:  €60

Thursday 7th December at 7p.m.
Celebration Dinner and Carols by candlelight
Cost:  €30

Friday 08th December – Sunday 10th December
Advent Weekend Retreat
Fr. Benedict Hegarty OP
Cost:  Res – €175 – Non Res – €100

Wednesday 13th December
Advent Evening of Reflection
Martina Lehane Sheehan
Cost:  €10




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