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Please discard the biro in the empty box beside the Tracing Login Folder.  You are not to use the pen of another person.

  • Please follow the protocol for social distance in the corridor to your meeting. Please follow the one-way system on the corridors when going to your meeting room.
  • On entering your meeting room, please use one of the allocated seats. You are not to change the seating arrangement in that meeting room.  All seats are placed to respect the social distance protocol.
  • Only bottled water is to be consumed.
  • All disposable cups are to be discarded into the designated marked bin.
  • Use of the toilets shall be limited to two persons at any one time. Please use hand wipes made available to you.  Only paper towels are to be used for the drying of hands.
  • You are invited to walk in single file when using the stairs, following the directions of your Coordinator.
  • The lift maybe be used for one person only. Please sanitize your hands on entering and leaving the lift.
  • If using a cup in the Coffee Dock, please do not wash it there. Place it on the trolley to be washed in the washing machine


Dining Rooms:

Menu Board to be advertised outside the Dining Rooms.

Two persons per table.

All food is to be served plated to the guest.

All condiments are to be in single sachets.

Water is to be served by the staff

Tea and coffee to be served by staff.


Isolation Room: An Isolation Room has been allocated in the basement.  In the event that a guest shows signs of COVID 19 s/he is to be escorted by a staff member to the Isolation Room. Medical personnel will be contacted and action to follow the medical advice.


EXIT: All guests exit Ennismore Retreat Centre via glass porch door.

Please use hand sanitizer on exiting the Centre.


Gardens: When walking in the gardens, please use the one-way system as indicated.


Dear Friends of Ennismore,

In welcoming you back to Ennismore Retreat Centre, we would like to continue our tradition of caring for you and your well-being.  This Booking Protocol will assist you to care for yourself and for others.  We thank you for your co-operation with our Protocol to make your visit to Ennismore a safe and relaxing experience for you. We ask you to note that all previous booking arrangements between you and Ennismore Retreat Centre have to be modified in line with the statutory Covid-19 Regulations.  For further information, please contact us at 021-4502520


Booking with Ennismore Retreat Centre: 

When booking with Ennismore Retreat Centre, please forward your group’s Insurance Certificate, the name of the Designated Person and your full contact details. Each of your group is to arrive with a facial mask. Where necessary, Ennismore will provide a facial mask.

Please book in advance, by email or phone, a time for your arrival.  To avoid congestion, we may have to stagger arrivals. We encourage the use of cards and contact less payments or prepayment prior to arrival.


On entering Ennismore Centre, the following protocol must be observed:

You will enter Ennismore via Burgundy-painted porch.  On entering the glass porch, you will sanitize your hands.  You will then proceed to the thermometer to indicate your body temperature.  If your temperature is high, you will vacate the building.  Should you possess a normal body temperature (-38o), you will then sign the Tracing Login Folder, with your date, name and contact details.