The Ennismore Vision

Ennismore is an oasis of beauty, peace, hospitality, and welcome.  Our centre and our programmes seek to develop and nurture a sense of the Sacred, and the contemplative dimension to Christian Spirituality.

 Holy Week

“He descended into hell …” Jesus was on a journey – the journey that
brought him yesterday to the outskirts of Jerusalem. Yesterday, Palm Sunday, we
saw him entering the city of his destiny. We journey with him this week. Yesterday
we waved palms; Thursday we will have dinner with him and watch him wash our
feet; Friday we walk with him to the place where he would die —— and on Sunday
we will celebrate his rising from the dead (easter eggs and the like). We did it last
year, we’ll do it next year, please God. But hold it … are we just skating along the surface of a deeply disturbing mystery?
An ancient tradition says ‘He went to HELL …’ He made a journey not just to
Jerusalem but to the soul of his people, to hell. Our creed says, ‘he descended into
hell’. And he didn’t go as a spectator, a tourist, an observer: ‘he went down into
hell … the awful emptiness of despair and terror and helplessness … not out there,
but within the soul of his people, his own soul … I reach out to grasp God … fall short … and at that point where I fail is
the darkness where God’s radiance begins; learn to be at home in this darkness.

Cloud of Unknowing
We paint hell as a place of fire and demons – much like Michelangelo’s famous
fresco in the Sistine Chapel. But Hell is not just a place ‘out there’, it is primarily
within, in the recesses of our lonely moments and the dark places of our addiction and our fear. And all this says: God is there, and we believe then that hell is not the final answer or place: God is … and Easter is our joy that God gives us life even, and surely, from the darkness of whatever our hell may be. He is the heart of our existence, in and beyond the darkness and terror of hell. He is there, with us, that is
our Easter faith … May He easter in you

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